Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

  Call us Today  785-263-2878 Daytime or 785-280-9677 Mobile Cell (Jenina) or 785-280-0672 (Joshua)  Must leave message or text please. We are located at 312 North Cedar St. Abilene Kansas 67410

Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.

About Us


   Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us. We are Jenina & Joshua Fortner we are married and have five wonderful children. Our Youngest is 3 Years and oldest is 23 years old, with them our puppy's get a lot of playtime and some dress up dolly time lol..We have been in the pet industry for over 30 years I have a degree in Vet. Tech., Certified Companion Animal Hygienist, Certified Master Groomer and  Animal Technologies, Breed histories and More.We take pride in offering the best family pets of Chihuahua's, Pugs and Few Hybrids. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our puppy's future parents each and every day. Our entire home and lives revolve around our dogs and meeting there needs both socially and medically. We strive to bring you the healthiest, well rounded puppy's. We look forward to helping you to choose one of our baby's to make, your new family member. Me & My husband & our 5 children.. breed in our home our AKC & APRI,--Chihuahuas, Pug's & Few Hybrid's We have just a few females of different breeds here are some of the types we have from time to time.  Chugs (Chihuahua & Pug)  & Pomchi (Pomerian & Chihuahua)  Some parents are DNA registered on file with AKC and ALL Tested  twice yearly for overall health, Genetic flaws, Canine Brucelloius, Heartworms & more. Many of our Adults also have OFA & Cerf's on file. We also have a Lifetime take back guarantee! Started potty training and leash training! Raised in our home with our children and other pets. Proven Health lines and Good Genetic lines. They are raised in our home with our children, Please research your future pet and where they come from. We welcome all inquries & Reference checks. Please call  with any questions  no question to small.They are Wonderful dogs!!!Smart,Easy to train, & Loyal. We Start exposing our pups to grooming at a very early age so they will love baths their whole lives. We are USDA (United States Dept. Ag.), AKC ( American Kennel Club), & State KAHD (Kansas Animal Health Dept.) Licensed & Inspected. Once you have chosen a pup from us,You then recieve weekly emails with pictures an updates of your pups progress.

  We take the same care in breeding our Hedgehogs We have WHS free lines, Our adults are vet checked and housed with space and wheels and given treats and play activites. We never inbred and always give a lot of attention to our babies and have them well socialized. Our hoglets always come with Health guarantees for WHS and Cancer. We only take them once mom has weaned them never before, we offer them for sale(reserve) but never get to go home until fully weaned and over 100 grams. We treat every baby with flea and mite preventative once weaned. We are Members of the IHR and The Hedgehog Welfare society. Our Guarantee states we always take any hedgie back and even help rehome ones that are left with us no questions asked from other breeders or owners. We bring them to our shop for sale or pick up and do house littermates together but never after 8 weeks old. then they are seperated by sex.

 We also have a great Cavy Program, We breed a few different coat types of Guinea Pigs and always take care to have a stringeted program of breeding only unrelated and the most sound pigs with even temperments. We have pedigrees to our program and can print for a small fee,  we sell as pets. Our Guarantee states we always take any Piggy back and even help rehome ones that are left with us no questions asked from other breeders or owners. We have a standard 48 hr guarantee. We have care info on our Cavy page. Thanks

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and read all about our family
Jenina & Joshua Fortner

There are some breeders who breed a tad under the AKC standard, but within a weight range that will still produce healthy dogs. In this case, these Chihuahuas "Teacups" ,Pugs called "Pocket Pugs". These are not terms reconized by any group, they can just be common terms that you have heard or seen. While these dogs may not fit AKC/APRI/ACA conformation, when bred ethically, as we DO, they will be as healthy as a standard size. Any pet that is breed to be smaller than standard size for its breed parents still should be health tested and sound before ever breeding. We DO NOT promote breeding runts or super tinys just for profit.
Even a wonderful breeder who breeds to stay within the AKC standards, will always have a few puppies every so often who are Smaller or Larger than expected. Even with careful breeding, God has the final say. In these cases, a breeder may refer to those smaller than planned dogs as "Imperials" "Teacups" or "Pocket Pet", or will chart the growth and state that they may be larger by saying above standard or husky.

We do not allow any visitors to our home.  This policy is for the health and well-being of our dogs.  There are those who warn that, if a breeder will not allow you into their facility, they must be "hiding something."  This warning would not be given if those who advocate such visits actually raised dogs!

We have had to adopt this policy as a result of our experience as  breeders and having raised a number of dogs.  Our dogs are raised like family.  They live with us, and our puppies are born in our home.  They are socialized and loved and cared for to assure you of a puppy that is sound in mind and body.  Having strangers in our facility could introduce disease, compromise puppies that are not old enough to reach immuno-competency (the age where a puppy can start to produce antibodies on its own) and upset our daily routine, and endanger to welfare of our children and us.  Dogs thrive on routine and our activities are built around their care and well being.  We will be happy to let you meet our Adults at our Store and also any Pups over 6 weeks old that have had vaccinations (Although they cannot go home until 8 weeks) for sale.  We will meet at our Place of Business and spend all the time necessary to answer every one of your questions.  Our animals' health is our primary concern and we do all we can to give them the best quality care we can provide.

Addition to this policy we have add our Tour & Liscenses tab so that you can see all our current inspections and pictures of our home and yard.