Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

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Deposit Reciept & Holding Agreement


                                     Paws-N-Claws Jenina & Joshua Fortner

312 North Cedar Street Abilene Kansas 67410

785-263-2878 or 785-263-1348

E-Mail: Pawsforneiner@sbcglobal.net or Jenina@jnjpugsnpaps.com

Web: www.papillonspaws-n-claws.com or www.jnjpugsnpaps.com

Receipt & Holding Agreement

The following agreement is between Jenina & Joshua Fortner (breeder), hereafter

referred to as "Seller," and _ _________________, hereafter referred to as "Purchaser."

In consideration of a deposit of ($___.00 ) dollars, Toward a total Purchase price of ($_____.00) plus Sales Tax if Applicable and Flight/ Delivery Fees if needed, Seller assigns Purchaser the option to acquire the dog described

below, guaranteeing that the dog will not be sold to any party other than Purchaser for a

period of no more than 60 days. At the time Purchaser acquires physical possession of

the dog, that portion of the deposit taken will be applied to the purchase price. If the balance of the total purchase price is not paid by the time the pup is 9 weeks old, the deposit is forfeit and pup will be available for sale to public again, & deposit will not be refunded. As more advertising will need to be made to re-market the puppy.

Total Purchase price for this puppy is $_______.00 for Puppy as a pet,

$_______.00 for Flight/Delivery,

8.75 % $_____.__ for Sales tax 

Making the Total cost $_______.___

Balance after Deposit is $ ______.___ Due on ___/____/______

Breed: ____________________

Sire: ______________________ AKC/APRI/AKR #:__________________________

Dam:___________________________ AKC/APRI/AKR #:_ _______________________

Sex:_ _Male / Female_ _ _ _ Date of Birth:_ ___/ _____/ 2016/2017 _ _ _ _ _

Color & Markings: _ ____________ & ______________________________

AKC Litter #:__________________________________ _ _ _

"Puppy Name":_ _____________________________ _ _ _

Microchip #_____________________________________

Purchaser assumes all responsibilities for collecting the puppy within the time allowed, and understands Deposits are non-refundable. If you change your mind you loose your deposit, as we are removing the puppy from the for sale list. However, if the puppy should become ill or if I am unable to deliver you a healthy puppy then deposit will be refunded. Or you may apply to a different pup of your choice. _ _ _ _ __/_ _/2017___

Jenina & Joshua Fortner_______________________________________

Seller will sign received copy & send a completed copy to you as soon as it is received.

(Please print name)

To: Name:_____________________________________________


Phone Number: ______________________________________

E-Mail:_____________________________________ Purchaser______________________________________________(Sign here)

Driver's /ID License number____________________& State__________

If your Puppy is being Flown, All payments for puppy and flight must be made in full before Flight will be booked no later than 14 days before departure or 9 weeks old,As flight and health certificate money cannot be refunded to us. Once paid for you will receive a flight number and confirmation within 48 hours(unless paid on a Sunday, then 72 hours). Thanks for your understanding

Please print and fill in with your info then email or mail to us for your choice of puppy with your deposit Thanks