Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

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Gentlemen Guinea Piga (Boars)

These are Boars Piggys we are currently breeding and we do hold some back or add pedigreed pigs from time to time and will add pics as we can Only healthy well tempered pigs  are what we breed to give you the best pet possible.Please Be aware the coat may not look show as we do trim our long haired guinea pigs for breeding and their comfort so many of the Texals,Silkies,Peruvians & Lunkies will Look different than in show coat.

Crown Pudge

He is a Vey Calm and Handsome man he is a Choclate Tri color Texal with Many show lines and great coat Can't go wrong with a loving baby from this little man


He is a stunning Rainbow Teddy bear Pigggy He likes people and veggies mostly spinach He make very cute and fun healthy babys Dont let the red eyes fool you he is a lover thru and thru

Poker Player Man

He is a super nice and sweet Silkie AKA Sheltie Boy he is Silver Aqouti Broken with White 

Candy Man

 Lunkarya with amazing pedigrees keep an eye out he is stunning we will post when little ones arrive Full Lunkies Coats are Much different than that of Texals or Silkies Lunkies came from spontanous mutation of the peruvian coat there coat is much firmer and bit more course allowing for less matting than silkie or peruvian or alpacca.

Starbuck Junior

He is our stunning Amercian Golden Agouti he has stunning and yet super sweet babys

Very sweet like his dad STarbuck

Bob Marley

He is our funny little man loves to popcorn  lol.. He has sired some very sweet and stunning babys

He is a Skinny


This little man is a stunning Rainbow Peruvian boy who loves to popcorn and eat hay super cute markings and we love the babys from this handsome man you will too He has a super coat wuth dilute roan markings

He is an Peruvian


He is one of our Lunkayra Studs will bred to our lunkie girls . He is very outgoing and fur is firm and has the great look of a Lunkayra loves his bell peppers for sure

Lewis Craig 

Hes such a fun Skinny  He loves to act silly and loves even more to cuddle you wont go wrong with one of his babys or even many babys his offspring get along vey well.

He is a Calfornia Skinny

Alfie Red 

He is our other pride and joy he loves to be the first to the veggie and hay.. He has sired some very sweet and stunning babys He is a Dilute Red Aplaca, throws for Alpaca and Peruvian recessive


This cute young man is our new stud Texal he is sure to make some very handsome babys Keep and eye out for this man to grow into a stunner We groom our long haired guys for breeding comfort when he was grown in he has great ringlets

He is a Lemon and WHite Texal


This is our new Self Black Teddy he will be for our new teddy ladies as well as some new Carrier Skinnys to help diservify the skinny lines with Black and expand the geen pool. Im sure to see some awesome babys from this handsome fellow

Mr Freeze

He is our newest addition and sure to be a super handsome and loving Texal man From Cream adn Cream Roan Lines With our gals should be a stunning babies...

He is a Black eyed White Texal

Jimmy H.

We have had this fine boy since Day One and his dad & he is not only stunning but super sweet. 

His babies willsure to be just as awesome 

He is a TSW Skinny