Pug's, Chihuahua, & ShihTzu Puppy's ...& Hybrids. Home Raised.

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Male Hedgehogs  We have gotten some great new lines and A lot of our Awesome lines of our own from way back , for our herd. All are WHS free and some Will be IHR registered

These are our Males We never breed to all relation  to any of our females 

Picture coming soon

ZTHH Bane Boeing Boy PNC

He is a very nice Black Eyed Cinnamon and look forward to his babys

Be sure to see what adorableness he produces

REN Mr Holland Opus PNC

He is a Beauty in black, We know he will make a great addition to our herd. Has great lines and will undobutley produce amazing babys stay tuned for the amazing thinsg to come/


Picture coming soon

ZTHH Daracula's Falcon PNC

Hes a show stopper he will make you take a stop and notice as im sure will his babys

he is a High White reverse Pinot with ruby eyes

PMHH Pinkie's Brain PNC

He is a split faced gem he throws amazinly dark babys with full black legs

ZTHH Vampy Man PNC

We are hoping for big things from this man if your looking for a nice dark baby then look no further he is sure to make amazing hoglets

PNC Johnny Five 

He is a lovey Oak Brown and has a lot of Cinnacot babys depedning on who he is with

Picture coming soon

ZTHH Flounder Frank PNC 

Flounder is a sweet man who we are looking forward to a wide arry of colors from our girls with this stunning boy stay tuned


Panda is a jolly little fellow who is soon to be a part of our breeding program, Im sure to produce some amazing babys 

He is a Brown Pinto white belled Split Face

REN Zephyr Slider PNC

Zephyr is an outgoing little man who is a dark Badger stripe hae has very nice babys with unusal coloring. His babys would make a great pet for your family.

REN Wild Bill Cody PNC

Cody is a great new addition to our herd he is a Stunning Albino boy and super poutgoing loves people.

He is an Albino with Blue eye ring

REN Hank the Tank PNC

Hank is a fun guy so far loves treats and im sure will love the ladies can't wait to see what beautiful babies we have form him 

He is a Charcoal Platinum

TNHM Broderick REN/ PNC

He is a stunning Apricot pinto He had made a fun addition of being oour Odd eyed boy one black one red his babys grow to be odd eyed a lot

ZTHH Tiberius REN / PNC

He is a High with Grey he is where we get some of our best Platinum babys from