Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

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Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Here is just a handful of some of our happy puppy owners we thank you for your kind words and pictures and keeping us in the loop about your furbabys ..We will add as many as we can Thank again for letting us add Fur and Four legged Joy to your family!!

Maggie  Japug

HI! We just wanted to let you know how well Maggie is doing. She is honestly such a wonderful dog. She went to her first "puppy playtime" yesterday at the pet store and she did great. She was the most well behaved (and adorable) puppy there. I can really tell that you all take a lot of time with each puppy and give them each tons of love. She is doing wonderful with going potty outside and is great with the kids. :)

S and S Williams

Hi! Just wanted to give you another update on Maggie. She is doing absolutely wonderful. She is such a lovely addition to the family. She sleeps through the night with absolutely no accidents in her crate. She goes potty outside like a pro. We get so many compliments on her when we take her to the vets office. Everyone wants to know where we got her :)

S Williams

Japug from Cookie and Bacon

S & S Willams

Addie   Chug

Hi there!

Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of our Addie Girl! She’s growing like a weed & is almost 8 pounds. She keeps us entertained daily...

Chug from Pasta and Bacon

V. Thompson

Kitty  Pug

Thank you for the phone call, it was nice to see that you were interested in checking up on Kitty. We are so happy to have Kitty in our family. We had lost our pug Petey in October. It took me awhile to decide to get another pug, because Petey was so special to us. But once I saw Kitty’s face I instantly fell in love with her. She melts my heart every time I look at her. I was nervous about ordering a dog online, but she is everything that you said she is. All the neighbor kids just love her too. I am attaching a couple of pictures. The one we took with our other dogs, Buddy 7yrs (Pug) and Casey 14yrs (Boston Terrier), they were waiting for their cookies.
Thank you again, and we will certainly keep you in mind when we start looking for another one.

Pug from pancakes and Bacon

P. Crosby

CoCo,  Bijoux,Comette, Jasmine 

.Merry Christmas, attached are some pictures of our babies I thought you might like...
Cocoa's mug shot:
black and white of Cocoa's mug shot:  Arrested for stealing your heart, giving too many hugs and kisses.  He pled guilty.. He said he since he stole your heart he has two hearts and you can kiss his one heart on his fur. (one of his markings is a heart on his right shoulder)  loves to snuggle and give kisses and said he will not stop doing it.  So the judge said he has a life-long sentence.  He said OK...
Comette:  our shining star, he brightens up the room every where he goes, everyone just loves him and is everyone's favor.  he is just a gentle little man and our snuggle bear.  All the girls love him, he landed a doctor, his daddy is so proud...
BiJoux:  our beautiful diamond jewel, when you look into her eyes, you  just melt, you feel like you are looking into an angel's eyes, you just want to melt.  she is a gentle little girl and so soft.  we love her so..
Cocoa:  he is our cocoa bean, he is sweet as chocolate. he is a lover and loves to snuggle and sunbath and shine his fur up so he sparkles.  he's our security and the leader of the pac.
The Chanel Twins:  Cocoa and BiJoux, they were insepartable, such beautiful babies inside and out..love to play.
The Chanel Triplets:  Cocoa, BiJoux and Comette, Comette is showing Cocoa and BiJoux how to break out, his outcome is to go run and play, Comette lives to run and play, they play ring around the rosie and do figure 8's.
Jasmine:  she is our little flower, so soft as a pebble.. she is so delicate, such a beautiful little face, you just melt when she looks at you and gives you kisses..
Comette and Snowflake:  Comette is Snowflake's favorite out of all the babies, as stated above, Comette has a line of girls waiting to go out with him.  He is a babe magnet..
Comette:  he said now where is my real car, i can't take out all of my girlfriends in a truck. 
Cocoa:  he's on the lookout for all the other babies...
BiJoux:  wait for me, i don't want to land in jail like Cocoa, "what his crime was giving too many kisses"  than i'll land in jail too.  don't leave me behind..
Merry Christmas
From The Chanel Kids

Pups from Carmel & Biscuit and Taffy & Biscuit

K. Jupres the Chanel kids

Abby Papillon

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Dottie Mae & T-Bone

M. Conrad

Lilly Papillon

She is a huge joy in our lives thanks so much

Papillon girl from Bannana & Frodo

L. Tatman

Theo Chihuahua

Theo is an absolute angel so worth the wait finding this little guy. 

Pup from Queso & Skittles

J. Selwyn