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Hedgehog Deposit and Guarantee Contract

We ( Paws-N-Claws) are holding a baby African Pygmy Hedgehog with a deposit of $________toward the total amount of $_________with /without a kit. I (buyer) understand my deposit is non refundable unless something is found unsound with the Hedgehog, and the Breeder(Paws-N-Claws) is unable to provide me with my hedgehog baby at the time of weaning. I (Buyer) understands that the Guarentee of health is for 1 year from the date I (Buyer) recieves the hedgie (* See Below). We (Sellers) make no Guarentee as to Size, Disposition, or Breeding capabilities. Health Guarentee is to cover death from WHS & Cancer( must be confirmed via necroposy by a Lic. Veterinarian) and will cover (if found to be WHS & Cancer) replacment hegie of your choice & same cost as orginal hedgehog and does not cover and shipping or vet bills of any kind. It DOES NOT cover Letting them get cold then hot again (Hibernatation- which is fatal to Hedgies) improper diet- cat food etc., dehydratation, or upper respiratory problems from bedding choices or homes such as Aquariums or Wood Shavings. Although Color and Temperment are described as accurate as possible , Buyer understands that they may change in either color as they Quill or Temeperment as their enviorment and handling develops.

Hedgehog price $________Particular Sex ? __Male __Female___
Cage kit $_XLG___________Yes / No _ Particular Color_______________________

Cage Kit Large $ _______      Yes  /No   Particular Color_______________________________
Total $______________Deposit made $_______________by: Paypal, Visa, Cash, or Check
Balance due$_______________Picked up on :____________/______________/______________
USDA# 48-B-0317 KS# CB0003B7 Disposition weight________
Owner Driver's license number _________________________and State___________________________
I (Buyer) AM PURCHASEING THIS Hedgheog knowing the Seller is fully compliant with the USDA and has a Current USDA lic. & can ship & sell pets sight unseen. It is the Buyer's Responsibilty to make sure they are legal in their location.

Returns: I will always take a hedgehog back, but it is just that a surrender and no refund will be given.You may return the Hedgehog at any time in the pets life for us to find a suitable home for him or her, with no questions asked. We will not cover any shipping or delivery charges to return the pet. We will at no time repurchase or refund you for the pet.

Health Guarantee: We only guarantee hedgehogs that are produced by us & Purchased dierectly from us. We do this because we must be sure you have a hedgie form us and not someone elses. If your hedgehog has WHS a Necropsy must be done, as proof that it has it. If the necropsy report says it is positive for WHS, then you will be given another hedgehog. Please understand that the Veterinary cost of previous treatment are the owner's responsibility and we WILL NOT cover or reimburse the owner. Knowing if this happens its very important to us, so please keep in contact with us. If you believe your hedgehog has WHS and your vererinatian agrees please contact us. We also know of a lab we would like to have them sent too.

Anytime an animals passes suddenly please contact your vet. In case of WHS and other disorders it is best to have a necropsy done. The animal must be kept cool, but not frozen after death. Most pet owners want to bury their companion right way, but that leaves a lot of un-answered questions. You would still be able to bury your companion after the veterinarian collects the needed samples. We are here to offer support both before and after the hedgehog goes home with you. Please feel free to ask questions and to contact us.