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Lady Guinea Pigs (Sows)

Please Ask about which mommies may be expecting, We dont breed our moms all the time Usually if we have some waiting lists or requests. We dont over bred our girls so once they are ready to retire we do like to look for permanat pet homes if they are not staying with our family. if that is the case we will post retiring on their photo and you can apply for a retired piggy thanks


Bi Color Skinny 

This gal is bred with our Skinny Male for Full Skinnies

Crown Whistle

This girl is straight form a show limelight to pause and have great babys for our next generation of wonderful texal babys dont miss out on babys from this gal


This beauty is our new girl for Texels she has a great coat and even better disposition we cant wait to see what she gives us

She is a Bicolor Texel


She is a cute torti Hairless girl im sure with her colors and snugggly nature she will have some fun piggys

She is a Tortiosie shell Skinny


She is such a doll and good mommy loves her hay for sure

She is an Abysiann /Peruvian cross we mostly breed ehr with the peruvian male


This is our new gen of Teddy She will for sure be a great mom like those before her. She is very sweet and like a great petting session

She is a Self Black Teddy Bear


This gal has the most unusal marking for a guinea pig. She has a fun personailty to accompany it to. She popcorns jsut for fun and loves her veggies

She is a tri color Teddy Bear


This mommy always suprises us with the most ususal markings cant wait to see what this year she has for us  She is a TSW ( Tortioseshell and White) Abyssinian


She is our new gal for our Peruvian male line we have high hopes for the babys she will produce

She is a Red aqouti Peruvian


She is a Bi Color Skinny girl who we breed for skinnys with our male skinnys She is our 3 generation skinny very healthy and super sweet


she is a fun skiiny gal who like to eat and sleep shes pretty laid back for a piggy

She is a brindle Skinny


She is a silly girl and a Full self Red Teddy 

She is bred with our teddy boy for Teddy babys and carries for great Argentine babys


SHe is a werewolf skinny and fun galore she does some of the funniest things

cat wait to have babys from her

She is a Brindle Werewolve Skinny


She is a Peruvian/Abby Beauty she loves to take her time eating her veggies but thinks chasing a toy is a blast Sh eis bred with our Peruvians for 75% peruvian babys


This happy little piggy always brings a smile to my face she loves to squesl at ehr veggies and me she is a happy girl who has very healthy babys

Dasiy Mae

She is a super sweet Girl. She is an Amercian Dutch with Torti base. We are planning to breed with the Skilie male in the future


Even though she is a Twin to Rosie you can always tell the ear up give away of miss Sunni. She has a goofy personality that matches her crazy ears lol she is bred for skinnys and carriers


She is a great Calico Silkie  we breed her with our Silike or with our Teddy for some great Crosses


Red Self Teddy

This Gal will be bred with our male skinny for those who want Skinnies and Carrier Babys


She is such a fun talker and super cute gal She is paired with our skinny foor carriers or with our Peruvuan for teddy /peruvian Cross

Epiffal Rose

She is a sweet girl who loves to talk and eat lol She is a lovely girl she is going to be a mommy for Texals with Jumangi


This sweet baby girl is a Self Black skinny from Bicolor parents

She is being bred to our male Skinny for full Skinnies


She is such a crazy fun girl she loves to hop, skip and jump and still wants to be next to you all the time

She is a wonderful nice light Chocolate (Rex) Teddy ,piggy we will bred for Rex babys


She is one of a kind gem. She loves to coo and talk thinks a back rub is awesome She is a Chocolate Self Rex(Teddy)

We bred her with our teddy male


She is a very Sweet Torti/Bicolor Skinny

She is Bred to our Flash for full Skinnies


She is our Amercian /Silkie Calico she is many gentrations of her family with us always long living and healthy piggys cant go wrong with this girls babys

Katy Perry

This is our sweet Calico Amercian baby She is a great mom and She is bred for Amercian or Rex/Amercian


She is such a great looking gal She is a Pink eye Silver Agouti

We cant wait to see what this gal will give us and we know they will be as awesome as her


Yes she is crazy cool she looks like two different girls each side of her is completely different  She is a Bicolor Skinny that we bred to a Skinny male for full skinnies and she is from a self black and White parents


She loves to be a piggy and loves her treats. She is a great mommy we have great Teddy babys from her

Ylang Ylang

She is such a amazing fun girl she is a Chocolate Bicolor 

She is bred to our skinny male or our teddy KT for carriers


This little girl lieks to be the boss and yet loves to be around people She is full Self Black that is bred to have Rex(Teddy Babys)


She has some crazy gal hair and a spunky personality to match she like to play and talk she loves people watching too

She is a Dalamation Werewolve Skinny


She is a playful girl she will be a great mommy im sure She is a Chesnut Agouti Rex and im sure everyone would love the babys she may have