Pug's, Chihuahua, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised.

  Call us Today 785-280-9677 Mobile Cell or 785-263-2878 Daytime( Ask for Jenina)  Must leave message or text please. We are located at 312 North Cedar St. Abilene Kansas 67410

Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Links: to sites that may help answer some questions you may have


American Canine Hybrid Club


Designer Breed Registry


American Kennel Club (AKC) www.akc.org

Good reference website

for dog breeds!

Dog Breed Info Center

Pet Travel

Animal Transportation

Great Source for hedge info

Hedgehog Care


Another Great Breeder

Know about your rights to have a pet and what really happing to your donated dollars.


Our You tube channel is on the home page at the top just click on the YouTube icon

You Tube 


Great tags for pets

Pet id DMV

Make your pets id tag cool and fun


International Hedgehog Registry

Where worldwide hedgehogs are pedigreed and tracked so WHS can be tracked and breeders can breed good lines


Hedgie Welfare

Hedgehog Welfare Society

Have lots of good info about rescue hogs etc We are a Proud Member and follow there guideines and Yes we do take in unwanted Hedgie and from time to time have some for adoption


Hedgie Breeders 

Hedgehog breeders Worldwide

To locate breeder all over the world

http:// www.hedgehogbreeders.org/