Pug's, Chihuahua, & ShihTzu Puppy's ...& Hybrids. Home Raised.

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Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Mommy Hedgies: Not all mommys are bred all the time most of the time we wait until we have a waiting list, so please contact us if your wanting a baby from a specific pair.  We have gotten some great new lines and Hedgies for our herd, All are WHS free and Will soon be IHR registered.Thanks 

PNC Carp of Sprinkle

This mom is crazy fun she onoints stuff for fun and loves to walk all over you

She is a rare color she is Balck but with full Platinum top quills

PNC Opus Diamond of Zerconia

She is a stunning lady and we cant wait to see what she produces she is from some of my oldest lines that are wonderfully healthy

She is a smoke  Platinum

ZTHH Miss Miami Tubbs PNC

Heres a stunner and sweet young lady cant wait to see what kind of dark faced babys in our furture

REN Sprinkles PNC

This stunning Beauty i love her coloring and the wide assortment of colors she has with her babies. a must if wanting a Cinnacot, Apricot or Cinnamon baby

Picture coming soon

ZTHH Callie Coco Cookie PNC

This is out Beautiful Chocolate Chip momma we are hoping to see some great things from her be sure to keep an eye out for her stunning babys

REN Taffeta PNC

She is a greta mom and has such sweet and stunning babys

 PNC Miss SeaBrain

She is a very pretty Black eyed Odd Eared Salt N Pepper with WHite face and she has had some stunning babys for us and we do look forward to holding a back for ourselves soon

PNC U2 Bubbles Panda Bear

Heres a crazy cool girl she loves to hang out and be silly always dong something fun with her toys and a great mom such fun colors

She is a split faced odd eared Platinum Choclate Chip

REN Satin Rose PNC

This girl loves to be mischevious and thinks exploring is what she is meant to do  Shes a great mom and has babies who like to be just as curious

PNC Lttle Miss Wisholly

She is a petite girl who loves to snuggle she is a great mom

REN U Wish for Summer PNC 

I got this girl and thought she would be a bit shy boy i was wrong once she warmed up she is a real playful love bug and a great mom to boot


She has had some really fun babys many are usually marked and gone to some great breeders this line would be a joy to have a baby from

PNC Scallop of the Sea

Here is a fun girl she loves to play with toys and eat mealies she is also a great mommy

SHe is a WHite Faced Chocolate with Black eye rings

PNC Houston Gal 

She a pretty girl and an amazing mom she has pretty large litter for a hedgie and always take great care with them her babys are very sweet

She is a dark Salt N Pepper

RQH Pickles PNC

This is a smaller mom but she is awesome she has had babys for us that i have really enjoyed how outgoing for a hedgie they have been you will love her babys too for sure

PNC Karma

Karma is a playful girl who does love her treats and wants to be the center of everyones world.

She is a Chocolate Chip White Faced  Pinto

REN Miss Buttercup PNC

She is a Stunner full Cinnamon and has Cinnacot all the way to chocolate chip babys always such a joy to play with

PNC Tiny Trickle Tracie

Shes a very clam and sweet hedgie she is a nice mo who just likes to be laid back

She is a brown Platinum  pinto

PNC Calamanity Jane 

SHe is a fun gal absolutley wonderful mom she has such an array of fun pintos and more

White Faced Pinto Black eyed

PNC Cadee Kit Kat

She is quite the expolrer and isnt afraid of anything or challange 

Chocolate Pinto Carries Split Face

PMH Wendy Darling PNC

Im looking forward to some awesome babys from her she is a good girl who loves her wheel time

She is a DXark Salt N Pepper with full black legs

PNC Prickley Pear

She has the most colorful babies no matter the sire she likes to surprise us with a beautiful array of colors and patterns, very sweet girl

Salt N Pepper Black eye ring White Faced

PNC Button

Button is a bit of a shy girl but once she gets to know you she is a fun goofball who loves tubes and toys

She is a Cinnamon Pinto

PNC Skip to my Lou

She is a bit shy but once she gets to know you she loves to hang out and snuggle

She is a White Faced High White Pinto

 PNC Better with Butter

 She loves her baths and like to get treats from between my fingers she very funny. She is a fine gal held back here and we expect great thing for her

She is Balck Badger with Dark Mottiling

PNC  Cinnamons Legacy 

Our miss Cinnamon is a real joy to watch she trys to get into everything. 

She is a  Champange

PMH Tinkerbells Pixie Dust PNC

This girl is full of fun little attitude sometimes then can be the most lovabgle girl, she is an amazing mommy and really has some very sound babys

She is a Dark Black Badger with very nice rust orange edge quills

PNC Penny Sheldon 

Penny Sheldon wants attention all the time and loves to get it for sure. she is the Queen and she knows it. She has produced some of the kindest babys we have ever seen

She is a dark Cinnacot

Sire is PNC Albert the Great & Dam is PNC Tulip 

PNC Pokey Yum

This is our girl we are holding back nice  girl, We expect great things from this girl her mommy is awesome and so is dad Every baby in her siblings every one was a different color!

Salt N Pepper/Dark Grey Pinto

Sire is PNC Mr Prickley Pepper & PNC Miss Fancy Flower


This was a must baby for our new boys. Im looking forward to some outstanding friendly babys  from her Dont forget to get on the list for these ones!

She is a Nice light Cinnacot


This gal has such cute Split faced babys and she loves to go to anyone and never seems to be shy ever im sure it will reflect in her babys


She is a great mommy who has Badgers as well as Dark faced babys She is very outgoing for a hedgie and makes several trips to schools for educatation

She is a Black Badger

Sire is PNC Prancer, Dam is PNC Lilly

PNC Cole Trickle Ferrari

She is a most amazing color who has a lot of nice platinums cinnacots and more in her backround Very outgoiong personality and loves her Mealies

She is amazing color of smaoke apricot Split face with dark eye rings and odd ears

PNC  P4 High Carot

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Cinnamon Delight

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Opal Kitten

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Melody's Waverunner

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Hopscotch

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Pears Savior

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Snow White's Beauty

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


Picture coming soon

ZTHH Daytona PNC

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Ruby Eyes that Sparkle

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


PNC Ping Pong

New Moms will post personalitys and colors 


Picture coming soon


New Moms will post personalitys and colors