Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

  Call us Today  785-263-2878 Daytime or 785-280-9677 Mobile Cell (Jenina) or 785-280-0672 (Joshua)  Must leave message or text please. We are located at 312 North Cedar St. Abilene Kansas 67410

Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Payment, Travel & Delviery Information

Yes we do have Drivers that are USDA Licensed to Transport your pets to your door if possible if not very close to your city Please ask for details 


You may put a non-refundable deposit on a puppy/or any Pet from us, to hold it, the balance must be paid in full and all checks cleared before we will ship or deliver the puppy, please allow 14 days for checks to clear. We accept Pay Pal, Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard, ( Including Debit Cards), Discover & Cash. We are 100% PCI Compliant as well. If anything happens or vet finds Pet unsound you will be contacted immediately and your money will be refunded or you may choose another Pet

If you plan on sending a check ,I highly recommend you send it either certified mail or priority.  This way it is assigned a tracking number and the postal service will track it to assure it doesn't get lost or stolen. The puppy will not be shipped or held until the check arrives, & not shipped until check has cleared.

 * Remember if paying by Credit card always ask that they are " PCI compliance" certified this means your credit card numbers are not stored and never shared     with anyone.   We are fully Compliant!         t                  


We offer both delivery By ground Driver and air transport options although No Airlines allow Flat faced breeds so we will not fly our Pugs  and Chihuahuas must be 2# to fly,  depending on location, one or the other is not always available to all locations.  We can also meet you at a destination upon your request ( if possible), Drivers Time & fuel charge will apply. Delivery we would need a location to give you a delivery quote. Most Deliverys are $350.00 for dogs May be additional if in farther away areas, they ground delivery start at $150.00 for Hedgehogs & Guinea Pigs (flights start at 280.00). Please keep in mind Transporters drive 24 hours they have a route with other people waiting for thier pets, So PLEASE BE flexable leave the few days open or have a backup person to collect your pet. They can not control traffic and may show up at late nights or early mornings and cant wait hours for you to show up that would not be fair to the other pets that are also sitting there waiting to go to their homes you wouldnt like your pet showing up late don't do that to others please. We give you  a window of time as close as possible and they do call the night or two before to confirm time and place with you ! Dogs if flying will IncludeFlight, Heath Certificate, Full vet check prior to flight within 72hours of flight, and Airport transportation to take them to get on the plane, you will pick them up at your local airport and must bring two forms of ID to sign for your new baby. Balance and flight fees must be paid in full before we can make reservations for a flight. Flights are scehduled 14 days before departure. We recieved exact info of flight numbers and times 36 hours prior to departure due to any weather changes We do only flights on Tuesdays please be available for that day as we have to drive 6 hours round trip  to Airport and try to get the most direct flight we can, it is the only day we have to travel. Thanks

We can meet you at the airport if you wish to  fly with your pup under your seat be sure to check with your airlines about the allowing of Flat faced dogs under the seat. If we meet you at the airport we charge time & fuel to airport and cost of Health certifcate which we will have ready for you with your pup to fly. ICT is our closest airport

Shipping whether by air or ground is no more stressful on a puppy than if you drove here to pick it up your self.  Reasonably well adjusted puppies handle the experience quite well. 

You are welcome to use a pet nanny service they must be obtained by yourself we can meet them at airport and health papers we reccommed making sure they are legal and licensed we will not be responsible if you do not recieve your pup or in good health using a nanny there is many good and many scam nanny services do your homework well!

Hedgehog Shipping info:Multiple hedgie babys can be put into one carrier at no additional flight charges, so buying with a friend makes the cost a lot less!

Delivery by ground is best and least expensive costing 150.00 to most areas Shipping by Flight for Hedgehogs is  $200.00 to $240.00 to start, but  Shipping has become expensive , but not impossible. We are able to ship at most times of the year depending on availbility of flights and current temps. During the summer months we can not ship in temps above 85 degrees so flight times may have to be adjusted for early morning or late eveing to accomdate temps. Shipping includes air flight and kennel, and Health Certificates. Once a pet has been paid and booked for delivery We Will Not refund any of the vet heath cehck or delivery fees and they are non refundable to us! We can include up to four hedgies in a crate if young. So if you want to go in with a friend the shipping cost you can split with your friend. We cannot ship to some states as these are illegal in some states and or cities. Flights will be booked within ten days of being paid in full. We do try to work with your scehdule, but keep in mind shipping live animals flexablility is needed. In ALL cases Buyer/Owner assumes all responsibility for the State or City Laws reguarding weather this pet is legal in your area. For purchaseing and Possession, If you are unsure about the laws in your area, Please do your research before buying as we do not do any refunds.  

Also: if a person is looking to do a charge back after receiving the puppy as a form of scamming the breeder, We do take all charge backs seriously and will take to civil court as well as show up at your door with the sheriff and papers, to collect the puppy in which you received credit for and then take to civil court for travel and expenses and fees.Please don't think that committing credit card fraud is a good idea to get a free pup, It's Not!