Pug's, Chihuahua, & ShihTzu Puppy's ...& Hybrids. Home Raised.

  Call us Today 785-280-9677 Mobile or 785-263-2878 Daytime( Ask for Jenina) Evening's 785-263-1348  Must leave message or text please. We are located at 312 North Cedar St. Abilene Kansas 67410

Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.



Puppies that we are expecting to have....

 We try to plan out who in the year is ready to have a litter and who to breed to.

 All Females are Health checked prior to mating.

 We do take names and applications for any upcoming litters

 so send us your applications anytime for our puppy waiting list.

 Due to Requests for Hybrids with our amazing chiuahuas, we have added a few new mommies once fully DNA tested we will have Pomchi's and Chiweenies (Pomerian's Miss Mousse & EggNog and Mini Dachshund-Miss Tofu) 

Breeding this year   


 We Are in process of seeing who to match up this year and which mommys are confirmed pregnant, We are still taking applicataions & We will Email you when New litters arrive with a pup you have asked for. When you see a baby that you would like you can place your deposit though our website, that puppy will then be marked sold and moved below the sold pups header where it will remain until you pick him or her up. Then a full contract will be emailed to you with other informational emails and we send updated photos every 2 weeks until puppy is ready to go home. Application can be kept on file for two years and we will email you each time a new litter arrives with your breed of pup, if at anytime you decide to look elsewhere please let us know so that we may remove your application from our notifications list. Thanks for choosing our family for your new family member.


Biscuit & Gummy Bear AKC Chihuahua's

Due Dec 12th 2017  Males $1000.00 Female $1200.00


AKC/APRI Chihuahuas  Biscuit & Apple 

Due Jan 1, 2018 

Males $1000.0 Females $1200.00


 Biscuit  Next Year 2018 ,Caramel Chihuahua, EggNog PomChi, Apple Chihuahua, Belle Pepper Chug, Peppermint Patty Chihuahua,  & Gummi Chihuahua  These are the girls in 2018 that will pair with Biscuit we will take applicatations anytime for these babys


Japugs (Japanese Chin & Pug) Bacon & Candy 

Due Jan 14th 2018

Males $800.00 Females $1000.00

Ist choice female sold n Pending for Alan


 Queso for 2018:  Sugar Chihuahua, Skittles Chihuahua (tinys), Taffy Chihuahua (tinys), __________________________________________________

AKC Chihuahuas Queso & Skittles

Due Feb 2 2018


Males $1200.00 Female $1400.00 Champion Lines Very small Pups


AKC Chihuahuas Queso & Taffy

Due Jan 31 2018



Males $1200.00 Female $1400.00 Champion Lines Very small Pups


 Pesto for 2018:  Noodles Pugs, Crouton Pugs, Maramalde Chugs, Kiwi pugs,

  Pugs Males $1200.00 Females $1500.00      



MerlinMan 2018: Tofu Chiweenies, Coffee Chihuahua, Licorice Chihuahua

Licorice & Merlin AKC CHihuahua's

Due Jan 12th 2018

Males$1000.00 Females $1200.00


AKC Chihuahuas Merlin Man & Coco


__Due  Jan 5th 2018

1st Choice Female is Sold B.Wester

Males $1000.00 Females $1200.00


 Bacon for 2018: Candy Japugs, Crackers Pugs, Bagel Pugs, Pickles Pugs, Cornydog Chugs




AKC Chihuahua  Poi  (new man) 2018 Late  AKC Chihuahuas with Truffle


Captian Cakers  Shihtzus 2018:  Brownie Shihtzus, Chilli Pepper Shihtzus, Chicory Berry ShihTzu,


Captian & Chilli Pepper ShihTzus AKC 

Due Dec 31 2017

Males $1000.00 Females $1200.00







Pups can be purchased before due date for first and second choice   Male or Female

( choices must be made within first  week of born) Please remember that an application

does not guarantee you a puppy. Deposits made before litter arrives will guarantee

you a puppy and in order of deposit

Ex: 1st deposit =first choice, second to put deposit= 2nd choice etc.. then all the

remaing applicants will be notifed so they may choose to place a deposit on any

remaining pups. We do this before placing any remaining pups on website for any

others. If you want to wait to see who's born we understand but please don't be mad

at us if someone else places first choice deposit and then they pick first.

We do all this to be very fair as we can.

 A few other pairs once testing is all done this year and what applications come in. 







We do offer puppy Packs..Here is an example pic of what our puppy's are used to as toys

and treats etc. Let me know if you would like to add the puppy pack its 80.00

(pick up or free shipping) and has everything they will need for chewing(teething the different areas)

and training & (Stuffy toy that we will put with mommy and siblings for a few days and seal

and pack so when they arrive or come home they will have the comfort of there scents).

We customize each box to the puppy you adopted and put in new verisions of what they

play with here. I have many other things if you like, Kennel, leashes and collars as well,

Just let me know thanks. Jenina Each pack is different can have more items depends on pup

and size of pup, and toys they play with. 

 All our pups start at $800.00 to $1400.00 a few can be higher for type

or breeding rights ( please ask first for full breeding)