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Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Vaccinations & NuVet info..

Vaccinations:We give our puppies the most comprehensive preventive vaccination and de-worming schedule in the nation. We have the guidance of two veterinarian's, as well as some of the best canine specialist in the country,and our preventive schedule also extends to our adults. We have not, to date, had to treat any of our animals for any communicable diseases, and we constantly strive to control our disease exposure. We take the health of our adult dogs and puppies very seriously so you can confidently bring your new puppy into your home without worry. We never allow any visitors into our home, because we provide a strict controlled disease free area, Visits of your pup can be made after your baby is 6 weeks and have had their first round of vaccines at our shop. If you are wanting to only physically  choose a pup to before deposit, then you would need to wait to see who in that litter is available after 6 wks of age. ( Vaccines schedules are always changing and with our continued Education Courses they inform us of new Vaccines ,Strains and better researched timing of shots. We implement the best that is available)

4 Weeks- Neo par (Parvo ) Vaccine

6 Weeks- NobiVac Puppy DPv ( Canin Distemper, Parvo) Sub Q Injection

7 Weeks-  Bronchi Shield III Intranasal ( Adenovirus type 2, Parainfluenza, Bordella(kennel cough) Company says this vaccine is viable for one year and the strongest on market.

8 Weeks - Duramune Max5 (Parvovirus type 2b,Distemper,Adenovirus Type 2,Parainfluenza,infectious canine hepatitis)SubQ. Injection 

7 Weeks- If your puppy is Traveling to you many parts of the USA have the Canine Flu so we will Vaccinate your pup for this. Anyone can ask for this done even if your pup is not being sent by us, for a small fee.   Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 ( Canine Influenza Virus CIV) Sub Q Injection

3 days old Dew Claws Removed ( Tails can be docked if pup of your choice is paid by day three) 

Microchip- 5 Weeks-AKC renuite 18 digit international read universal chip.

8 Week First dose of topical Frontline if over 2#

7 to 8 weeks- 3+ days of probiotic granules in food to help with healthly bacteria in the gut

    We use a international 18 code microchip that can be read by most any scanner and you will receive your registration papers to register your microchip to you.It is a small one time fee for life. It is important that you do this, if not if your pup is lost or stolen and they find them the chip will read my information and not yours. If we have to claim any pup we do charge for transportation fees etc.


2 Weeks - Safeguard/Pyrantel (Protects Against Roundworms, Hookworms,Tapeworms, and Whip Worms)

4 weeks - Albon/Panacur/SafeGuard (Control and remove roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and Taenia tapeworms. Active ingredient is 22.2% fenbendazole, an FDA-approved wormer for dogs.)  (Giardia/Coccidia Prevention)

6 Weeks - Safeguard/Pyrantel (Protects Against Roundworms, Hookworms,Tapeworms, and Whip Worms)

8 Weeks - SafeGuard/Pyrantel/or( Drontal tabs for 2+# pups) (Protects Against Roundworms, Hookworms,Tapeworms, and Whip Worms)

8 Weeks- Frontline Plus(Protection Against Fleas,Flea eggs, Ticks, Ear Mites& Chewing Lice)

We are sending a puppy to you, by you agreeing that you will keep the pups vaccinations current and have regular vet exams. Please remember our pups are usually only 2 to 5 pounds when they come to you so we recommend to not have any rabies or vaccinations done if you puppy is stressed or is feeling ill as this can cause more stress in a toy dog. follow your vet recommendations, but remember this is your family member so ASK questions and get the facts first!


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