Pug's, Chihuahua, & ShihTzu Puppy's ...& Hybrids. Home Raised.

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Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.













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Welcome to Our Site: We Breed Pugs & Chihuahuas,Shih Tzu's mainly, On occasion  Pug Hybrids. We are Jenina & Joshua located in central Kansas. We enjoy Raising quality puppies & are professional hobby breeders, which means we take pride in raising healthy, great temperament, healthy,Toy,Small and Miniature family pets. Raised in our home environment with everyday socialization. Our professional knowledge and training skills give our breeding program for our puppies, a great edge that you will find hard to see elsewhere. We start with great well rounded Chihuahua's, Pug's, & ShihTzu, and our other family members who are tested & screened to have the best health and temperment to produce the perfect Toy, Miniature or Small breed puppy for your family.

We invest a great amount of time and research into developing a healthy and stable companion for your whole family. Our Spacious home and land in Kansas allows us to train and socialize the puppies every day. Our family raises our puppy's in our home underfoot and around our children giving them the best start in life with great temperments.

We do hope you will take the time on our website to learn about us and our family members, as we would like to help you find your next best friend!

There are some breeds who ahave pups a bit under the AKC/APRI/ACA standard, but within a weight range that are still  healthy dogs. In this case, these ShihTzu are dubbed "Imperials"and Chihuahuas "Teacups" ,Pugs called "Pocket Pugs". These are not terms reconized by any group, they can just be common terms that you have heard or seen. While these dogs may not fit AKC/APRI/ACA conformation, when bred ethically, as we DO, they will be as healthy as a standard size. Any pet that is breed to be smaller than standard size for its breed, parents still should be health tested and sound before ever breeding. We DO NOT promote breeding runts or super tinys just for profit.
Even a wonderful breeder who breeds to stay within the AKC standards, will always have a few puppies every so often who are Smaller or Larger than expected. Even with careful breeding, God has the final say. In these cases, a breeder may refer to those smaller than planned dogs as "Imperials" "Teacups" or "Pocket Pet", or will chart the growth and state that they may be larger by saying above standard or husky.

Just a sidenote about us We had gotten into having African Pgymy Hedgehogs years ago as pets and have since over the years aquired many great lines and pets we now have some babys on occassion they love to interact with our dogs and very fun pets.



  We have had many ask us what daily Vitamin we use for our adults and pups and the answer is NuVet they love it and makes an amazing difference in all around health.

TO ORDER CLICK HERE  http://www.nuvet.com/67495  or call   800-474-7044

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