Pug's, Chihuahuas, & a Few... Hybrids. Home Raised. 

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Please leave us a message we are out training, cleaning, loving, grooming puppy's and Will return your call but we cannot call you back if we don't know you called. Please leave your phone number and name clearly thanks so much.


Here is just a handful of some of our happy puppy owners we thank you for your kind words and pictures and keeping us in the loop about your furbabys ..We will add as many as we can Thank again for letting us add Fur and Four legged Joy to your family!!

Smee  Bugg  
Just wanted to give you a little update on Smee whom we now call Leo. We are all in love with this little man. He has the best personality and is doing well with training. Everyone that meets Leo loves him:-) we just wanted to thank you and your family for raising such a fabulous addition to our family. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a new family member. We will keep you updated. 
Thanks again!



This is Jackie, her name was Candy when I got her from you, she is the light of my life! so smart! and such a sweetheart, she goes everywhere with me, and everyone in town knows her, she loves every one! Thank you so much for her!!

Dottie Mae & Frodo Parents

Bowyer  Bugg  ( Boston X Pug)

 Thank you so much for introducing us to our precious Bowyer. He has filled our little apartment with life and giggles since day one. He makes us smile everyday and has a joy for life. He is healthy and surprisingly weighs almost 13 pounds! The vet says he still has more growing to do! He loves playing with my parents' pug Hank and is social with every person and dog he meets. I think it's because he was socialized as a tiny puppy. Thanks for making our Bowyer as cute as possible. He has spots, stripes, and his body is turning brindle while still keeping the Boston coloring.  We love him and spoil him to death!


Waffles & Bacon

Samantha E.


Chug ( Chihuahua X  Pug)

I knew when I first took a look at Jenina’s information, her dogs, how she
cares for them and breeds them in the most ethical of ways, that she was the
real deal in an ocean full of sharks.  As a past breeder, in the 80’s, I have
unfortunately seen the nastiness and downright evilness of what some people
consider is an okay way to treat and breed dogs.  It is enough to make you
want to grab a poor dog in a rabbit cage with a wire bottom, left out in the
elements and stuff the idiot keeping them that way in there so they can see
what it feels like.

Jenina knows what she is doing and does it with a big heart. She handed me
such complete information when I picked up Gatsby, the Chug puppy I
purchased from her, and picked up in January 2013, it was impressive AND
then she handed me the cutest baby book she had made for the pups to go
home with them, now that was a first for me! Jenina kept in touch and sent
pictures of Gatsby every week to keep me updated with his progress until he
was old enough for us to pick up and I so looked forward to every e-mail and
the pictures that came with them from her, she even sent a little short video of
the pups in one communication.

Jenina does things right for her dogs, they are house dogs as mine were, not
caged or chained up out in a yard, neglected and thrown away when they are
no longer of use. She has the best warranty and contract I have ever seen to
protect every pup she sells for life. If there is anyone out there that does things
better than Jenina in regard to her breeding operation, I have never met them,
she has priceless integrity that I wish every breeder had.

We had a pug for 10 years, until he developed multiple health problems that
brought him to the end of his life in September 2012. He was not like a dog; he
was another person to my son and I. They broke the mold when P.D. was born
and when he died our hearts were broken to pieces. I didn’t think I would ever
get another dog because they couldn’t be P.D. and I was afraid I would resent it
deep down and it would not be fair to the poor dog. And then by chance I saw
Jenina’s pups on the Internet, was so impressed by her and fell in love with
one of those pups on the spot.

No one was more shocked than me at how fast I acted to make that pup a part
of our family. I had NEVER gotten a pup or dog without meeting both the
breeder and the pup, but my gut knew, that Jenina was solid, as were her
pups. Gatsby is a great addition to our family, he is an entertainer, a goof ball, a
sweetheart, a lover, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He has and still is
helping our hearts heal a bit and making our home a great place to be, and he
can be downright hilarious ;o)

I have never had such a great experience with a breeder and would not
hesitate to recommend Jenina, to heck with 5 stars; she gets 10 stars from

Staci W.



I dont know if you remember me but you delivered my papillon to NC last September.  I thought I would give you and update on Chanel...(I believe you called her Calypso.)  She will be a year old next month and weighs 6.5 pounds. 
Just recently right here in my hometown there was a "puppy mill" raid and all the pups were malnourished, kept in cages, not socialized, inbred, and in overall poor health.  I thank goodness that I found you and you gave me a
healthy, happy pup.  She loves people, other cats and dogs, children, and loves to lay out in the sun.  At the recent pet expo I took her to she won 1st place in the "best dressed" catagory, in which she wore a tutu and tank top,  and 3rd place in the "best trick" catagory, where she stands up on her hind legs and waves her front paws.  I call it her "pretty please" because she looks as if she is saying "please, please, please".  Anyway, she has been a joy and blessing and I just wanted to thank you again!

Miranda J.


Toy Poxer   (Toy Fox Terrier X Pug)


I have been following your facebook page for awhile now. And when you posted pictures of the 'poxers', I knew I had to have one! I told my husband and he said the dog isn't going to be very big (which is what he wants, a big dog) but ok. So the story of Tramp began. I kept his name because it just seems so fitting to him! 

Thank you for providing a wonderful pup to us! Tramp is a very active lil one and we love to play with him! 
I appreciate all the information you and your husband provided to us including the pictures of Tramps mother and father and his baby photos. We also appreciate the information you provided about his shots he already received. It is going to be very helpful to have for the vet office. I am appreciative of all the help you provided and your prompt effort to ensure we had our puppy needs met! I would HIGHLY recommend you and your business to anyone I meet! It is so nice to know that you aren't a 'puppy farm' and the pups are raised in your home around your children. I think that is what made the difference in Tramp adjusting right into the family so quickly!

Now an update on Tramp.... in spite of a few accidents, Tramp is doing well with his potty training; straight out of the kennel and racing to the door to be let out! He is learning simple commands such as 'sit' and he knows he gets a reward when he goes to the bathroom outside (and I don't mean just pee...that got out of hand with the girls and he had more accidents in the kennel cos of the extra treats!) Tramp loves to play with the girls and one of his favorite toys is a tennis ball and he is learning about bubbles the girls make for him! He is also our 'alarm clock' for the girls when they don't wake up on time (although I think sometimes they fake it just to play with Tramp!). My husband puts Tramp on the girls beds and he wakes them up quickly!

Again, thank you for the opportunity to us to purchase a wonderful family pet! You and your husband have bred beautiful puppies and I wish you well into the future!!

Kelly Mann


Puggat ( Rat Terrier X Pug)

Hey ya she is doing great. Her name is Madeline :) and she is on a very
excellent potty schedule. She listens so well and every time I take her out
and say potty she does. She is very smart and oh boy does she love to
play lol. I'm getting her a little collar today. She slept all night one night
and last night all she did was cry and want to play. It's best if I play with her
a lot before bed then she sleeps all night. But we love her to death! She
is the best puppy ever! Thanks so much :)



  Chug ( Chihuahua X Pug)

Hi Jenina,

It's Tiffany Marholz, the owner of Bruton.  I have 2 friends who would love to purchase a chug puppy from you.  Do you plan on having another litter anytime soon?

By the way, Bruton is doing wonderful, the vet said he is one of the healthiest puppies she has ever seen and also asked me to pass along her compliments to you on a great litter.

Thanks so much looking forward to hearing from you soon!



I do not have a Facebook account, and will not ever, but I thought that you
could somehow post what I want to say about "Before & After."
I have always been an animal lover.  I am passionate about many animals,
but horses and dogs top the list.  I  have always been a "Big Dog" person
and share my life with a beautiful German Shepard Girl named Fleur an
three Warmblood--big--horses and four cats.
This was my life "Before."  Before Tianna, the Papillon whom I purchased
from you, came into my life.
"Before,"  I did not know that my life was missing anything and definitely
did not think that I would ever have a small dog.Tianna has taught me
what I was missing:  unadulterated joy and laughter. 
Tianna is fierce, funny, brave, hilarious, smart, fearless and of course, an
Alpha.  I laugh more every day than I have for many, many months.  She
loves Fleur and to watch her hold onto Fleur's tail with her teeth and run
around after her is a sight.  She plays until she can play no more.  Once,
while she was at my office with me she sat at the door to my office, her
eyes drooping and then she fell over!  Asleep!
For all of you who never thought that you would want or love a little dog, a
Papillon from Jenina is the best investment  you could ever make
as a reminder, every day, that the little things in life are little, that the big
things while big, will get smaller, and that we should take every
opportunity offered to laugh.
Life with Tianna in it is my "After," and it is immeasurably better than my

Autumn F.



Hi Jenina, please forgive me for not emailing sooner. 
I have never, ever - in my life - had a more wonderful puppy.  She is
so well adjusted, I will thank you forever for giving her such a great
start.  I bring her to work and she travels with me most
everywhere....she loves everyone and isn't afraid of a thing.  Loves
the other dogs at home - Grace is over her snit and they play non stop. 
I had her at my granddaughters swimming time trials this past
Saturday and the children went wild, lining up for a chance to pet
her.  She loves them all back.  THANK YOU, so much!  I wish I had a
bigger yard and I would come back for another one. 
You are the most amazing breeder and really know how to take
care of your pups ---- and choose the right combination to breed.
So, she's the cutest because of her looks and her personality puts
her over the top. 
I'll send photo's soon
Big hugs from California

Nancy M.



We just wanted to send you some pictures of the baby girl Papillon we bought from you in April of 2009.  Her name is Twilight.  She and our other two dogs are the greatest joy in our lives.  Twilight is quite the athlete.  She even likes to play soccer and run down
the slides at the playground.  One day we might want to enter her into some dog
shows.  She is very loyal and underneath all of her playfulness, is a very sweet dog.  The other dogs in the pictures are Romeo and Juliano whom she adores and they adore her just as much.   We hope all is well with you, your daughter, and the dogs!

Chris and Alexis

Chris & Alexis